Matrix Software

Tiger Rock

The Tiger Rock app is a custom solution designed for Tiger Rock Material Arts franchises. The system manages students, events, group training, private lessons, communications, and more for over 100 franchise locations.

  • The system has revolutionized how the franchise operates
  • Consolidating six different applications into an all-in-one platform
  • That allows franchise owners to spend more time with their students and less time doing administrative work.

Auto Glass Software Solution

Glass & Tint software is a CRM for the auto glass industry. The solution enables companies that perform auto glass repairs, replacements, and tinting to track an end-to-end workflow for managing customers and jobs.

  • Conversion rate of quote to paying customers when linked to your website
  • Increase in productivity as a result of automated tasks and workflow
  • Increase in sales after adopting the Glass & Tint Software platform


Pro-Workflow is a CRM designed for companies that perform field services. Companies can define their products and services into categories and quickly manage quotes and invoices from categorized product lists and pre-built packages.

  • Clearly identify what stage each job is at
  • Assign responsibility to your team so everyone knows what to do
  • Use divisions to keep your service sectors separated


Oasis route manager was designed for Oasis Eco services. The system manages recurring services for over 200 clients in the Houston area. The system keeps track of every service needed for every client and the frequency and automatically generates routes and inventory for drivers.

  • Dramatically improve safety by providing a safe and dependable walking surface for customers.
  • Over 80% of slip and fall accidents are due to hazardous walking surfaces and improper footwear.
  • Mats are ADA Compliant and fall within the regulations set forth by the American with Disabilities Act.