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How We Work

Start on a dynamic journey with Matrix Software Solutions, where every solution undergoes continuous design and development. From the initial project outline to the final stages of support and maintenance, our approach is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Define Scope
Design Wireframes
Core Development
Feature Buildout
Maintenance Agreement

Project Scoping

The first step is project scoping:

Initial Meeting:

Our first meeting is a comprehensive exploration of your project's landscape. We delve deep into your aspirations, existing workflows, pain points, and the practicalities of desired timeframes and budgets.
This key phase establishes the groundwork for understanding the subtle details of your project's unique requirements. We prioritize understanding your vision to ensure a tailored approach that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

Second Meeting:

Building on the insights gained from our initial meeting, our second engagement is a continuation of the dialogue. We meticulously address any remaining questions or concerns, providing clarity on proposed solutions. This is not just a review of proposals but a collaborative session where we co-create a roadmap. Together, we establish a comprehensive development timeline, incorporating clear milestones.
This transparent approach ensures that every step is aligned with your expectations, fostering a collaborative journey towards success.

Design Wireframes (Typically 2-4 Weeks)

After the project scoping phase, we transition to the design wireframes:

Operational Improvements:

During this crucial phase, we conduct detailed walkthroughs of your existing software, uncovering opportunities for operational improvements and automations. This exploration sets the stage for enhancing your workflow efficiency. By identifying areas for refinement and innovation, we lay the groundwork for a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Wireframe Designs:

Our commitment to a seamless blend of style and functionality comes to life in the creation and approval of wireframe designs. This detailed process aims to mock up 80% of the core operational workflow. By offering a tangible preview of the final product, we ensure that our design resonates with your vision. This iterative approach guarantees that every detail aligns with your expectations and strategic goals.

Core Development

Our dedication goes:

The next step is the core development phase, where our skilled team tirelessly works to breathe life into the heart of your application. Regular reviews and feedback sessions on a test site ensure continuous alignment with your vision. Our dedication goes beyond simply adhering to the established development timeline; we aim for an immersive partnership that transforms your conceptualized ideas into a functional reality.

Feature Buildout

Our core operational workflow:

As the core operational workflow becomes live, we seamlessly shift gears into building out supporting features. This pivotal phase may extend to additional services such as website/landing page development, SEO enhancements, and more.
Our commitment is to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that your project evolves into a holistic solution that goes beyond initial objectives.

Maintenance Agreement

Our dedication goes:

We also offer extensive post-development support. Upon concluding the development phase, we extend our commitment to your project's ongoing success through a maintenance agreement. This agreement ensures that your application continues to operate at peak performance, providing the necessary support and updates for sustained efficiency.

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At Matrix Software Solutions, our "How We Work" philosophy is a testament to our dedication to your project's success. Let us transform your ideas into reality with a seamless, iterative, and client-centric approach.

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